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Yeast Substitutions…

Yeah its cool, we all do it.  Last minute brew day and IOB doesn’t have the particular liquid strain on hand?  Don’t freak, a lot of strains are very similar!  Check this chart & see if a in stock dry yeast will work for you…keep in mind: Its still beer brewing yeast & is just […]

Hmm, now what hop should I use?

If you’re formulating a recipe & get stumped on what hop variety to try, click here & check out YCH Hops’ list for a little inspiration & a general overview of all the common varieties available today.  Another favorite tool is from Hopunion, which is our supplier the packaged hops we sell here at In […]

Draft Problems?

Troubleshooting draft problems: A guide for bartenders by John Kater In the bar business draft problems often develop when the house is packed and there is absolutely no possibility of reaching the one or two staff draft experts. The best way to tackle draft problems is to be prepared. It is prudent to create a […]

How many kegs will I get from a CO2 tank?

  As a general rule of thumb, it takes about a ½ Lb of CO2 to dispense a ¼ barrel of draft beer and 1 Lb of CO2to dispense a ½ barrel of draft beer. This table lists the approximate number of kegs that can be dispensed from each size of CO2 cylinder. 2-1/2 Pound Cylinder 5 Pound Cylinder 10 Pound […]

Yeast starters are important- heres how:

Yeast Starters for Home Brewing Beer – Part 1 Most brewers understand that yeast starters are important for making your beer.  If you pitch the proper quantity of yeast, your beer will ferment fully and give you a clean finish. Some time back, I wrote an article on how to create a basic yeast starter, […]

to Krausen or not to Krausen?…that is the question.

Krausening Home Brewed Beer Krausening is a traditional German method for carbonating beers without using sugars or other adjuncts.  Instead actively fermenting malt wort is added to the fermented beer to provide the malted sugars needed for carbonation. The History of Krausening The “Reinheitsgebot”, or German purity law, originated in Bavaria in 1516.  It specifies […]

BeerSmith on gettin’ Oaked!

Oak in Your Beer – Oak Chips and Barrel Aging The use of oak and other woods in flavoring beer has enjoyed a resurgence recently among home brewers and some micro breweries. Oak is commonly used in winemaking, and was once widely used to barrel beer. This week we take a look at using oak […]

Whats a sweet stout all about?

Sweet Stout and Milk Stout Recipes Sweet stout and milk stouts are increasingly popular beers that form a counterpoint to Dry Irish Stouts.  This week we take a look at the history of Sweet Stout, how to brew it and recipes for making it. History of Sweet and Milk Stout Milk Stout (also called Cream […]


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